Living Out our Vows Everyday


Marriage Ministry

It has always been our desire to see healthy marriages in the body of Christ. With the challenges facing the traditional family today, it is very important that marriages are strengthened and supported like never before. We do believe in the biblical definition of marriage which is clearly one man and one woman. Having been married since 1982, Darlene and I have come to learn that marriage is not some sprint off the starting line, racing hurriedly towards a finish line in a matter of seconds with no obstacles or encumbrances. However, it is a marathon that requires endurance, patience, and flexibility in order to finish a race that can be very challenging. The truth of the matter is that everyone needs help and you can't do it alone. Thus, the ministry we call "Second Wind". We have positioned ourselves strategically along the course of your marriage in order to encourage, instruct, and give you a cool drink of water (refreshing) through the Word of God, that you may complete your race. God ordained your marriage, He wants you to finish strong, and do it with joy!

Second Wind will provide the tools you will need to be both successful and fulfilled in your marriage. Through our monthly gatherings, we are able to teach biblical principles that are effective for the restoration, healing, and strengthening of marriages. Our meeting also provides the opportunity for the gathering of couples in one place where accountability can be nurtured as each couple experiences the grace of God upon their relationship like never before. Quarterly outings are scheduled to help put the fun back in your marriage that will give you an opportunity to develop relationships with couples in fun atmospheres. Whether you consider your marriage on the brink of failure or heaven on earth, Second Wind Marriage Ministry will provide opportunity for growth and further development of your covenant relationship with one another. It is time for you to truly become the partakers of the grace of life together, and enjoy this gift from God like never before.

Come and allow us to help you get your "second wind" and begin experiencing the marriage God has designed for you! See our calendar for specific times and locations of scheduled meetings and outings. We look forward to seeing you there!