The objective of the Men's Ministry at Wellspring Church International is to build upon four core principles that are designed to help men experience Jesus Christ personally in a life-changing relationship. We will develop mature leaders who fulfill their responsibilities as Godly men and who are faithful to the covenant relationships in which they've entered. We exist to:

1. Enlist men into the army of God who will not be ashamed or intimidated in carrying out their God-given assignments in the earth.

2. Encourage men to stand firm in their commitment to Jesus Christ and to not pull back during the difficult seasons of their lives.

3. Equip men to live out the principles of God's Word by teaching, training, modeling and true accountability. In doing so, they will be instilled with confidence to be Godly leaders of their families, church, workplace and communities.

4. Empower men by providing a safe atmosphere for genuine fellowship and love by which their passion for Jesus will be ignited. This will result in each man being a bold witness for Jesus Christ with the goal of enlisting other broken men into the same process they have experienced.